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Welcome to the Law Offices of Julia L. Gray. We provide "extraordinary legal services for ordinary people". Whether you need an updated will and trust, a divorce, a premarital agreement, guardianship planning, planning for your new small business, handling small business disputes, or a contract written, our accessible and friendly staff is here to assist you. Our office also regularly handles traffic and misdemeanor charges in virtually all St. Louis County and surrounding areas.

Our highly skilled staff also handles a wide variety of personal injury accidents, such as slip and falls, auto accidents, negligence, product liability and medical malpractice. Attorney Julia L. Gray started her career working for the "other side," and so she knows how they think, and how to find a settlement strategy that works for you.   One appointment is usually all that is necessary for us to get started on your claim, and in contrast to other attorneys, when we handle personal injury claims, YOU are the boss!  We will not force an early settlement on you, nor bully you into holding on for more money.

Our decades of experience in estate planning, combined with general representation of "empty nesters" over the years has led us to develop an emphasis in "grey divorces"--i.e., divorces after the children have left home. "Grey divorces" have issues special to them, not the least of which is how to divide up accumulated assets, plus retirement assets, when there isn't a lot of "runway"  left before retirement. As is true with all legal matters involving families, our goal is ALWAYS to do our best to RESOLVE conflicts, not "stir the pot" to generate more legal bills. 

With over 30 years of experience, Julia L. Gray is an experienced and tenacious attorney at law, as well as a seasoned and compassionate counselor at law whose focus is on solving your problems, not making them worse. Julia L. Gray has the knowledge, experience, and commitment to help you plan in advance to ward off potential problems, whether that be planning your estate when you have complicated family concerns, or preparing small business contracts such as vendor contracts, anti-compete agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc.  

Our offices provide personalized, cost effective services from an attorney and staff you can trust. In addition to being extremely flexible in scheduling video and telephone consultations, we have two offices to meet you - in the heart of Chesterfield, and in the heart of Clayton. 

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