Law Offices of Julia L. Gray

What We Do

We are a general practice, but we spend most of our time and energies on the areas below.


Family Law - divorce 

Your wedding was probably beautiful;  your divorce does not NEED to be ugly.  My goals always are determined by YOUR objectives, your personal strengths and challenges, and your need to be able to function as a co-parent for your children after the divorce. Attorneys need to make the process easier - easier to understand, easier to survive, and NOTmake it worse by "stirring the pot" just to increase legal fees. We focus specifically on "lightly contested" divorces --so, if you are optimistic that you and your spouse have "most" of your problems sorted, I would be honored to help you "keep everyone calm and focused," while we finish resolving the remaining areas of conflict.

 Prenuptial Agreements - unless both husband and wife-to-be are very young and without any significant assets, most engaged people need to "put it in writing" - where will their separate property and their joint property go in case of divorce or death. If you are considering a second marriage, these questions often involve adult children with varieties of needs and circumstances. So, knowing who will get what re retirement plans, real estate, investments and more can help "save the peace" later.

 Personal Injury - We have handled everything from defective products and product liability, medical malpractice, negligently maintained and organized premises and events, "slip and falls," and of course car accidents. ALWAYS talk to an attorney before you talk to the insurance company!

  Small business representation - We have always had quite an assortment of small business owners as "regular clients" - an attorney who understands your business BEFORE there is a crisis is a valuable asset indeed. Our clients have included restaurants, salons, transportation companies, automobile dealers, jewelers, fitness centers, and more. We have prepared non-compete agreements, buy-sell agreements, leases, employment agreements, vendor contracts, and much much more.

 Probate - regardless of the size of your loved one's estate, we are able to help guide you through what does NOT need to be a unnecessarily complicated process. 

 Estate Planning - Most of our clients are "ordinary people," who want to keep control of what they own as long as possible, avoid probate, and have their property go where THEY want it to go. We have estate plans to fit your situations from very, very simple to very complicated. Julia L. Gray has prepared thousands of estate plans in the last 25 years.  First consultations for estate planning are always free. 

Criminal/Traffic - we regularly  handle all varieties of traffic, speeding, warrant recalls, and other violations, in addition to just about all misdemeanors.  We handle few felonies, but are always willing to refer a qualified attorney to help you if your problem  needs someone more specialized.